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Acpuncture Relates to the Seasons

Acupuncture relates to the seasons and finding the original cause of the problem. We are now in the heat of the summer and the organs of the summer are the heart, heart constrictor small intestine and triple heater.

Today we will focus on the heart for the Heart is the supreme controller and has to do with being the commander of the ship. The emotion is joy or lack of joy.

This is a time for loving ourselves and learning to open our hearts to self love and nourishment. It is important to spend an hour a day focusing on self love and doing something loving for yourself and someone else.

Remember you can not love another until you learn to love and nurture yourself. This can be spending quiet time along and reflecting what gives you joy and being willing to follow your dreams.

As you look at the world in chaos this reflects our own chaos and being willing to let go of the past.

The emotion for the heart and small intestine is joy and it is important to give yourself an hour of joy a day.

This can reflect in enjoying nature, listening to music, resting and being good to yourself.

As you give to yourself and fill yourself with joy this will reflect in your business, personal life and be a gift to all of the people in your life.

Look at your relationships, friendships and learn to spend quality time with the people you love.

As you spend quality time with your self you will blossom in your life.

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