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Acupressure for Boosting the Immune System

The fall is the season of the lungs and the colon and the colon has to do with letting go of the past. Fall is the season to begin to go inside of yourself and reflect on what is important in your life. What you need to ask yourself is what you are holding on to in your life. It could be clutter from old feelings of resentment or issues of our father. The diseases of the colon relate to cancer of the colon, neck problems, sinus problems and constipation, headaches, and shoulder problems

The colon pathway starts on the index finger and goes up the arm over the shoulder through the neck and ends by the sinuses. A great point to work on is in the web of the hand on the top of the hand. This point is called the great eliminator or joining of the valley. When you massage or hold this point it helps to relieve headaches, and it is great point to hold as you as you reflect on what or whom you want to eliminate in your life.

We are entering a new frequency on the planet so breath deeply and use the affirmation I choose to let go of the past as I move into a new world full of love and harmony.

As we move into a new world reflect on family and self love and inner joy.

The partner of the colon is the lungs and the lungs has to do with protecting your immune system. It is called the wei energy or protective energy. It starts under your collar bone and goes down the inside of the arm and ends on your thumb.

An important point is Lung 10 Fish Border it is located on the palmar surface of the thumb on the high point of the mound.

This point brings warmth to the heavenly father within you . In the early days the fish represented god. This point helps to bring warmth within you. This point helps to bring Christ Consciousness into your life.

If the lung is cold there may be arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, skin that is flaky and cold. As you hold this point the affirmation is I bring warmth to my core as I let go of the past with joy.

With so much stress in the world it is important to go within and learn to love and appreciate your self.

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