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az living alternative beauty treatments

Alternative therapies do not stop at relaxation and/or
good health. Some can even improve your looks. Victoria
Mogilner’s acupuncture face· lift (in Scottsdale) claims to
take 10 years off a face .
“lts all connected to what’s happening on the inside,”
Mogilner says. Mogilner sticks hair·thin acupuncture needles in strate-
gic spots on the body and face that affect inner organs as well
as the face. A gauze mask soaked in a special herbal solu ·
tion adds to the facial benefits.
Mogilner suggests 10 treatments for more thorough ef·
fects. but just one can make a remarkable difference.
New in the last year to the US. Europe’s 20-year·old
ionithermie therapy claims to melt away inches from the
body while clearing out toxins and improving the immune
system. The treatment corrects cellulite, improves skin,
and tones muscle, often with inch loss.
Skeptics say the treatment is nothing more than a glorified
body wrap that depletes body fluid. However. ionithermie has
become a very popular anti·cellulite treatment in Europe.
“Ionithermie works on the muscles.” explains Sandy Mackinzie.
a spa therapist aboard the Crystal Cruise’s Symphony
cruise ship. “It breaks down toxins and pushes them out”.
At this time. ionithermie is available in New York. Los Angeles,
and on the Crystal and Celebrity cruise lines.