This is a difficult time on the planet with a lot of uncertainty. I have felt vulnerable and uncertain
and the only thing that is saving me is coming home to my godself. As I take time to go within
and feel the new energy I feel excited and grateful to open the gate to my ascension.
Breathing is critical and watching where you place your attention. I have had a fall for being in a hurry so learning to slow down and realize it is time to change.

When you have anxiety it can cause your heart to palpitate and your breathing to be shallow.
When you stop and rest and reflect on your life realize it is a wonderful time to be alive and move through life with joy and confidence.

5 steps to joy

  • Stop and reflect on your life and be in gratitude you have made it this far.
  • Realize how important you are and how special you are. Realize there is only 1 of you.
  • Take time to appreciate nature.
  • Know this is the first day of the rest of your life.
  • Take time to breath and let go of the past.

Victoria is available to do zoom sessions and help shift your consciousness and clear out the past. My email is
Have a wonderful valentines day and focus on self love and joy.

Thank you Preslie Hirsch ( Unsplash) for the joyful image!

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