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Acupressure for Boosting the Immune System

The fall is the season of the lungs and the colon and the colon has to do with letting go of the past. Fall is the season to begin to go inside of yourself and reflect on what is important … Continue reading

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Short Circuit Your Stress Reactions

Short Circuit Your Stress Reactions It is important for you to realize you are in charge of your life and your thoughts. Thoughts are energy forms which, if reinforced for just 16 seconds, begin to manifest. Those energies then impact … Continue reading

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Acpuncture Relates to the Seasons

Acupuncture relates to the seasons and finding the original cause of the problem. We are now in the heat of the summer and the organs of the summer are the heart, heart constrictor small intestine and triple heater. Today we … Continue reading

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Acupuncturist claims non-surgical way to look young

Kate Nolan The Arizona Republic In Scottsdale’s war on aging skin, the battleĀ  lines are drawn. Among the area’s shriveling masses, many have turned to expensive plastic surgery, often not covered by health insurance. Others redecorate with products slathered on … Continue reading

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