Following Your Dreams

Have you ever had a project and did not follow through? Procrastination can happen to anyone. Sometimes obstacles get in the way – deadlines, helping others, or unexpected events sometimes push our goals further and further away. Sometimes the obstacles are in our mind. Feelings of guilt, anxiety, and stress can make getting back to the things that matter even harder.

My job as an author and healer is help you realize your dreams. You don’t have to feel bad about that backlog of goals waiting for a ‘someday’ that never comes.

This used to happen to me, I would have classes to teach, clients to see, books to write, all the while I had the long term goal of trying to grow and establish my business. I wanted to help as many people as possible and make a real, positive impact on people’s quality of life and health.

I was doing plenty of work, but somehow I was feeling drained. Realizing my vision seemed further and further away. The more I got caught up in the day to day of emails, bills, and travel, the further away I felt from realizing my dreams. My head was so caught up with pressing tasks in front of me, it was sometimes hard to keep my vision strong and connected, to feel how all of this work fit into the big picture.

So I want to share with you one tip that has helped me and many of my clients to dream big and achieve goals. It seems simple, but I want you to try it and experience its power for yourself.

Write down your goal and visualise the successful completion of your project. Feel the excitement as if it is already completed. Take time to see the successful completion in your mind. Take the time to feel the excitement of your project and this will move the universe in the direction of your dreams.

By doing this simple task, you will not only feel more connected to your goals, you will help it to become more real as you put your positive energy into the world.

After I began using these sorts of techniques I found reaching my goals took less effort. Today I still use this tip and it has helped me not only grow a thriving practice, but to be able to travel, run retreats and workshops, and to connect to amazing people.

Big goals are worth the work. If you would like help in achieving your dreams I would love to work one on one with you. I want you to reach your potential, so I would like to offer you some of my time for free. If you would like a brief phone conversation about how to achieve your dreams and to see how I can help you on your journey feel free to reach out.

Until then, health, wealth, and love to you!

Victoria Mogilner

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