This is an opportunity to come for a week and learn tools to rejuvenate you emotionally and spiritually. You will learn Tai Chi, meditation, dietary consultation, acupressure self-help tools, and traditional acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, as well as have quite time. You will leave with tools for longevity and peace of mind.

Individual Retreats

This is an opportunity to come to Scottsdale and renew yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. You can come for a weekend or a week.The Franciscan Renewal Center is a beautiful retreat center that offers a quiet space for inner reflection. There is a labyrinth and small chapel on beautiful grounds where you may reflect, let go of the past and renew yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Price is $99.00 per day, for the summer, including food, at the Franciscan
I will work with you one on one for designing a retreat tailored to your needs.

Options include:

Tai chi and meditation
Shamanic healing

We will pull out old patterns and help raise your vibratory rate to connect with your angelic self and let go of stress.

Facial Rejuvenation – Consists of 2 Chinese Herbal Masks to help with circulation and replenish your collagen. I will use the Micro Current Light Machine to help replenish your collagen and tighten your skin.

Traditional Chinese medicine including herbal and dietary consultation, this will balance you emotionally, mentally and physically.Making a collage to create and transform your reality.You will receive individual support to create a new paradigm in your life.Tuning forks and toning are used in a session to release old patterns and replenish you at a cellular level.

Massage and Reiki treatments and Reiki attunements are part of the retreat.Walking on beautiful grounds will be a part of your experience.You will leave with self help tools to integrate into your life.

Victoria is a shamanic healer and Traditional Acupuncturist trained in China and with the Dali Lama’s Doctor Dr. Dolma in Dharmasala specializing in rejuvenation and author of Ancient Secrets of Facial Rejuvenation and has access to integrate other modalities into your experience.

Price: $750 – 5 days $350 – Weekends plus lodging and food

Rejuvenation Day

Come and replenish yourself from the inside out. Your day – weekend or week will consist of tai chi and visualization facial rejuvenation – self help.

You will learn the facial points to replenish and tighten your face. All at the meridians began and end on the face and we reconnected to emotions. We will focus on letting go of ego, fear and frustration and replace old programs with a positive affirmation.

We will do foot and hand massages with each other and relax with creative visualization doing a collage of creating a new reality

Acupressure self help to alleviate stress.
This workshop is designed for women to renew and replenish you and alleviate stress and help create a new paradigm in your life.

Victoria is a certified acupuncturist and aesthetician specializing working with women.
We will be working with essential oils to help transform your life.
$95 for 1 day $250 for 2 days