How we Handle Shifting Frequencies

It is an exciting time to give birth to the new blog and our new creation on entering the 5th dimension.

The 5th dimension is how we enter our spiritual dimension and open to the galaxy of light and sound. Here we can come home to our essence and open the gateway to our soul.

This has been a difficult time in the world with Covid and living in the 3rd dimensional world of stress, lack of trust, and financial difficulties.

I go back and forth between the two frequencies and can only tell you it is not easy. What keeps me going is knowing there is a new world and how good I feel when I enter that space.

Giving yourself time and permission is one of the keys of shifting your frequencies. Realize you are human and can sometimes feel great and sometimes are down emotionally.

As you come home to your heart you will learn to trust yourself. This is the path I am on and it feels wonderful.

These pictures of Sedona will help to open a chakra or energy center and come home to your soul.

As you take time to breathe and meditate with each of the photos this will help you to relax and feel the beauty of the rocks.

Focus on one picture at a time. Spend a day on each. This will help you go deep within yourself . You will open to the inner light and open the gateway
to the new world.

Patience is the key and realizing there is no rush.

I can work with you individually on zoom or in person or on an Iphone.

This is the beginning of the new world.

I do retreats and you can come here for your transformation.

Call me at 480-560-1454 or email me at

I also have available a book of affirmations and original Sedona images. Each affirmation has been infused with reiki and if you focus on one picture a day for a month, it will help you to go deep within yourself . You will open to the inner light and open the gateway to the new world.

Looking down into a natural pool.
Flowering desert plants.
Long view of Sedona rocks with a deep blue sky above.
A stream running over rocks.
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