image showing a stressed person

Short Circuit Your Stress Reactions

It is important for you to realize you are in charge of your life and your thoughts. Thoughts are energy forms which, if reinforced for just 16 seconds, begin to manifest. Those energies then impact emotions and eventually actions. The world is generating a great deal of stress right now for everyone. If you find yourself having thoughts of fear, anger, self-judgment, or other negative thoughts, it would be in your best interest to short circuit the thought. If done quickly enough, the energy is not generated and therefore does not impact yourself or others.

Almost every professional that deals with stress in their practice will tell you about how quickly a thought begins to impact the body.

Research is now providing overwhelming evidence that during times of stress or strong emotions, our brain becomes flooded with chemicals, one being adrenaline and another norepinephrine. To say nothing of decreased oxygen supply. These chemicals can short-circuit and influence parts of the brain affecting our judgment, logic and reasoning. Certain parts of the brain can even be reduced in size and less biochemically functional. If the thoughts are dismissed quickly enough they do not manifest the undesired effects on the body.

Some popular “short circuiting” methods are saying out loud “cancel/clear”, take 10 quick breaths to increase your oxygen and say reassuring statements……everything is good, I am calm or whatever soothes you or will distract you from the original thought that was undesirable.

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